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Press Release:

Friday, March-03-17

The Frantic Follies Vaudeville Show is finally closing the old green curtain.  This is a hard decision, but for many reasons it is the responsible decision to make at this time.

The founders of the company, Jim and Lyall Murdoch gave us such a wonderful gift of entertainment.  Those of us who followed were able to experience a very rare treat.  Vaudeville.

After Holland America dropped us from their tour packages, we were able to extend our life with the help of Westmark Hotels and P.R. Services in particular.  Other businesses in the community like Integraphics, Dean’s Strings, Whitehorse Star, Whitehorse Waterfront Trolley and Omni Productions have worked with us year after year.  We could not have survived this long without their generosity and support.  Thank you from the bottom of our vaudevillian hearts.

And to the  hundreds of Yukoners who came to the shows time and time again.  Laughing at the same jokes.  Stealing punch lines.  Bringing relatives.  Telling other people “go and see the Follies!”  Thank you all very much.

The Follies will be missed by many of us.  People near and far talk to me about seeing the show over the past 48 years.  It has been a Yukon tourism beacon for a long time.  For many young people, it was their first professional job.

The current cast is naturally disappointed as we were all hoping for another season, however, tourist numbers make the risk too great and we have made the responsible decision at the right time.

Although we are retiring from a regular schedule, we will still have a smaller-scale show available for conventions and special events.

When I discussed all this with Lyall Murdoch, he replied, “47 years……that’s a pretty good run.”

Sincerely, Grant Simpson

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The Frantic Follies is a turn-of-the-century vaudeville revue that depicts the entertainment seen by the pioneers of the Great Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. The company has been in operation for 46 years and is known as the most popular and successful show in the Yukon and Alaska.[/ezcol_1third]

An interview with Lyall Murdoch (Co-Founder) and Grant Simpson (Co-Owner)